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The Heart and Soul of the Alberni Project is the Memorial to the men of HMCS ALBERNI and U480.

Through diligent research and generous assistance the Memorial Wall lists the names of all the Canadian and British men who served at one time or another on the decks of the Alberni between 1941 and 1944.  Also on the Wall are the names of the crew of U480 who lost their lives approximately six months after sinking Alberni when she struck a mine.

Large panels on either side of the Wall present a tribute to the commanders of both vessels. A poem, attributed to one of the crewmen, is inscribed across the top of the 54 plaques.

Gallery benches are available to sit at the Wall and watch the underwater video of the wreck of Alberni or to read through the book of letters, newspaper articles, stories, and bulletins related to the service and tragedy of that day in August 1944.

The Wall has been visited by many of the family members of Alberni and U480 crew since it was first erected in the Museum in 2013.

A smaller version of the Memorial Wall is exhibited with our mobile unit which travels around Vancouver Island throughout the year.

21 August 2024 marks the 80th Anniversary of the sinking of HMCS ALBERNI. On this day a new memorial wall with a full list of crewmen who served on both Alberni and U480 will be rededicated in a service at 11:30 am PST. On the same date there will be a second memorial (bench) and Canadian Maple Tree planted in a service on the Isle of Wight beginning at 11:00 GMT.

The "I WILL REMEMBER" and  "JE ME SOUVIENDRAI" POPPY LOGO IS A TRADEMARK of the Alberni Project Society.  Use of either English or French logo is prohibited without expressed written permission from the Alberni Project Society

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